What have I achieved?

In looking back at what I have achieved in the last 38 years, on a personal level, I believe it has been amazing. If I have been born 10 or 20 years early I believe I would not have had a fraction of the opportunities I have had. Even saying this, I am remained cutting edge is what I have achieved for someone with level of impairment.

It can not be ignored like having a speech impairment as well as dribbling is still an difficult which is still not socially accepted as other impairments like using a wheelchair. While people may not be hostile towards me, they are embarrassed by the fact they can not understand me and I do not look ‘normal’ with my jerky movements. I have therefore needed to overcome a lot of prejudice to get where I am.

I do not see many people like myself working in the social care field and especially not in a way that is mainstream as I can ignore what has been expected from me by professionals to achieve more than what anyone has thought I could achieve as I continue to break the mould.