Independent Power

I call myself an independent disability consultant because I do not work for any organisation or have a viewpoint which is attached to any specific scheme, I am an independent. It is very hard for anyone to achieve a state when they are a political voice and it often takes a complete career working for someone else before reaching it. So it must been acknowledged what an achievement it is to have been an successful independent voice since I was a teen and to have the power I have at 38.

The power I have is that within the boundaries of decency, I can say what I want on whatever issues I want and get paid because of the knowledge and expertise I have. This gives me specific influence which is very hard to measure but is worth than than money in the bigger scale of things. I am not support powerful but I have enough power and confidence to use it to get what I want done achieved.

Being independent gets comes with the price is having no stability as people often only need to hear what I have to say once and so I am always moving onto the next piece of work,  which could be absolutely anything.