The right to judge

Regardless of what people say, we all have the right to make  judgements on how we perceive situations so long as we understand others will take our judgements in the context of their own understanding of issues. A judgement has to be considered on what we think based on our own knowledge, expertise and experience rather than any declaration of absolute truth.

We need to make judgements on a whole range of things everyday in order to function like how we want for breakfast? whether we can trust specific people and so on? We may not get it right but we have the right to misjudge things so long as we take responsibility for our actions. So while we may judge a book by its cover we may understand it is not the best thing to do.

While I am very quick in making judgements, my thinking process is throughout and I am very happy to stand by my judgements which they can only crucially and acknowledge when I have misjudged things. It is however better to be wrong rather than not make judgements and be a passive watcher of life.