Ideas not politics

I was talking to friend and colleague a few weeks ago about many of my political beliefs and I was remarking that I support some of what this government is doing but not others. He responded, as regular reader of this blog, that I focus of ideas rather than politics or specific grand ideologies.

So rather than sticking as a fan of either socialism or capitalism, or somewhere in the middle, and just taking the consequences of supporting that, I look at what I specific want to see and what ideas I have to improving the life opportunities or experiences of everyone in a bigger picture. I believe in low taxes and value for money with a small effective efficient government but also a balance of enterprise, national policy and local government that ensures equal opportunities, fairness and ability those who make the effort regardless of their backgrounds. In each of these points, I have in my head I have detailed ideas of what I would do regardless of what political party may wish to claim as their own ideas.

So I am an ideas man and this is why I prefer working with the civil service on implementing change where the small detail matters rather than doing the hard core politics of winners and losers.