Death by liberalism?

I used to consider myself a liberal until I realised it was a out of touch thinking which remains the luxury of the true middle class as I play chess and intellectualise the lives of others. Please understand that I do believe in many of the principals of liberalism like fairness and equal but in the context of the real world.

The liberal response to the welfare reforms has really stuck me at how my views has developed and how even amongst disabled people, the real medical model pity for disabled people has shined bright even when it is wrapped up in the myth of so-called social model civil and human rights, which has been corrupted to keep disabled people empowered.

The most worrying thing to see is how a liberal desire to protect the rights of people with minor impairments to be disabled, often delaying their emotional recovery, rehabilitation  enablement and empowered, they are inadvertently putting the lives of significantly impaired people at risk. 

The constant calls for unity amongst ‘disabled people’ will see the secret slaughter of those now seen beyond help as the minor impaired fight to make myself appear worthless victims. An misplaced unaccountable trust in families and carers and the excuse of hate crime is being used as a reason for parents and probably soon professionals to murder the new sickness and disability movement’s own economic draining undesirables. 

The war against real disabled people is not from the government but from the liberals who claim to be protecting us while in reality simply allowing others to steal our lives.