Hate Crime or Free Speech?

In exploring further what some disabled people mean when they talk about hate crime, the recent issue that keeps coming up in their concern at how newspaper portray people who are claiming disability related benefits. They incite a few articles that they say talk about “benefit scum” although I have not read these articles. And by newspapers, they are talking about ‘the Sun’ and I do question if that can be used a newspaper.

I think we are going down a very dangerous path if we are challenging free speech because we don’t like what we are. Those who are fighting against free speech in the name of hate crime are often making wild accusation and spreading hatred of individuals and organisations themselves with far less editorial restraint than the newspapers they are complaining about.

I believe we must protect free speech at all costs because when we start questioning what people can and can not say then we give it greater status which makes it more attractive as a underground believe no one can challenge. Free Speech is our only safeguard to ensure we can challenge what others think.

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