I lead, they follow

I know in writing this blog consistently for almost a year I have my fans and I also have my critics. I was therefore interested when I read someone’s critic of one of my blogs on their blog especially since their blog was far longer than my own. Their blog also seem my explain my blog very well in a way they maybe did not realise nor desire. 

My respond to this critic was simple, I lead and they follow. What I mean by this is that it is a compliment, whether intended to not, that they felt the need to find the blog and it must question who is leading and who is following.

I know I appear to be big headed at times but it is because I understand and accept who I am, and that includes being a leader. Not the only leader, not the best leader, not the greatest leader but a leader no less in my own way and with a specific purpose.

Those who simple criticise others without doing their own actions or their own orginal thoughts can only but follow and thats fine, we all have our own stories to fulfil. Leadership is a responsibility more than a power and one I have been prepared to take on from an early age even if it does not make me popular.

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