Working hard not to work

I find it quite interesting to see how some people, disabled or not, appear to work very hard to fight to demonstrate they are unable to work, so much so they have actually demonstrated how much they are able to work. For me, work is not just working 9 to 5 in an office or down a mine anyway as with new technology and the internet, it is possible for anyone to work in ways never previously thought possible.

I feel that if people had access to more personal development tools, which are actually very easy to find, to find themselves and who they are to understand their story, they would be able to turn that corner from seeing how bad is to seeing how good life can be and how only but themselves are responsible for their destiny.

Life is not easy and once you can understand and accept that, you can begin to make the most of it. If people used their energies of positive action rather than self-pity, they would see how much work they can really achieve.

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