I can swim but in my own way

A few days ago someone asked me how long have swimming and I simply said all my life as I can not remember a time I was not swimming. On my wall I have a newspaper article from 1978 about the opening of my school by the Queen where there is a picture of my swimming when I was just 3 or 4.

When I say I can swim I mean in my own fashion. While I am extremely confident in the water I need a buoyancy aid or arm bands to assist me floating. So while I can swim I can’t swim and while I can’t swim I can swim. I use a swimming hat to help me keep warm and so I am easier identified if the lifeguards want to keep an eye on me for their own reassurance rather than mine. I also often swim in a shorty wetsuit to also keep me warm.

I love swimming and doing length and while I do not swim as much as I would like, I find it great for my mental wellbeing as well as my physical fitness. Like everything in my life, I am accepted I can swim but in own way and if that makes look odd than so be it.