I am a writer – but I can not write

In the same way I am a swimmer who can not swim, I am a writer who can not write. By this I mean I am very good at writing articles and blogs, I can not physically use a pen or pencil in any meaningful way. While this is no problems nowadays as very few people write using pen and paper, 25 years or so, it was a different school.

When I was at school, a mainstream school, I was the only disabled child in the school and the only child in my class to use a computer to produce my work rather than pen and paper. With lessons like maths, I had to be creative in how I presented my equations in an era where computers where far more basic than they are now.

In many ways I was problem solving how to achieve the same outcomes in a different way at such an early age, with little support from others, that it has given me the skills I have now.

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