Beggars can not be choosers

While I would like to say that it is accurate to say beggars can not be choosers, I would like to clarify what I mean by this. I believe that we all have freedoms and choices, and when we choice to ask  the government for any form of assistant, we must understand they is a price for doing this and they have to agree to the restrictions placed upon us.

I am certainly not saying that the government can treated anyone dependent on them unfairly or with malice but people must understand any assistance, while maybe legally binding, is not so much as an devine right but rather a privilege of a civilised society. But the government must get some sort of return on the assistance its provides people and therefore the choices offered to people requesting assistance has to be limited to be fair and reasonable to the tax payers funding the assistance.

Assistance must be redesigned to enable and empower people to be as less dependent on the state as they can be and so having proper freedoms the state or others can not take away from them. We need to change the attitudes of people from asking for their right to be dependent on the state forever begging for more to one where they ask for their right to be supported to be independent  and financially in control of their own lives.

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