Not my fight (Fit for Work)

It must be acknowledge there is a fierce battle raging between ‘disabled people’ and the government in relation to disability related benefits. But on closer inspection, we can understand it is not disabled people in general who are fighting but a few specific group of people recovering from sickness or have minor impairments as the group of people affected by the welfare reforms.

These people are ofcourse support by a liberal media and a disability charity industry which feeds off the dependency of disabled people. But while people want to portray the reforms as affecting all disabled people, by anyone’s estimates this is simply not the case.

This is simply not my fight and if ‘the sick’ were fighting their battle in their own name I would be quite happy as its not my business. But the problem is they are fighting in my name and the name of all disabled people because they know they  have little public support in their own name.

I am fed up of being told we have to stand together as ‘disabled people’ as an excuse for ‘the sick’ to trample over the views of real disabled people as they seek medical model pity over social model inclusion. They should get on with their own fight and let me get on with mine.

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