Why do I work so hard?

I have a new live-in German volunteer and currently when of the things he finds surprising in how much I worked and so I would try to explain it in a blog. Firstly, what he means is when I am not sleeping, eating, having a shower or going out, I am at my computer doing something and I question whether that is always work.

It should be noted that at my computer, I am always either listening to music or watching TV. If I am doing proper work I am more likely to be listening to music. On my computer, I may do doing a whole variety of things like reading and replying to emails, reading news feeds on Google Reader, surfing the web, my banking, my shopping, write this blog or other articles, and also maybe do a bit of work work like big reports.

Because of my mild bipolar I need to keep my mind doing something unimportant to be sane and I often find myself big less exciting jobs to do in the evenings which I call my knitting  Right know my knitting is adding a picture on my notes on evernote that do not have a picture so there have nice thumbprint to make them more identifiable and all smarter. In the last 3 weeks I have done 6000 and I have another 6000 left to do. You may think why but why not? A smart notebook is a smart mind and I get a personal satisfaction from being organised and tidy in everything I do.

I really do enjoy my work and I do not feel I am a workaholic as I learnt when and how to relax and enjoy myself, and I also believe there does not need to be this divide between work and enjoyment.

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