Have we lost the social model?

In examining the current state of disability politics, I fear we have lost the social model as a new generation of so-called disability activists ignore their previous generation, assuming themselves to be the first. They are fighting for what can only be described as medical model pity.

Whether it is welfare reforms, a hatred of Atos or apparent hate crimes against disabled people, user led charities and individual activists, as well as the wider disability dependency industry, are now simply portraying disabled people as naturally vulnerable victims of society who need protecting from the bad guys.

The call for inclusion as equal citizens have been scrapped by the user led charities who creating these demands and replaced by a simply demand of cold hard cash for anyone who wants to define themselves as disabled without cause and at any cost to the future inclusion of disabled people and the fabric of society.

A few of us are trying to keep this social model alive and I hope when this shameful chapter in the history of activism is over, the role of the social model will return and we can reverse the medical model gains of the last 2 years brought on by a new social media ‘sick’ activists that have been a danger to real disabled people.