Did anyone ever understand civil rights?

Disabled people in the UK fought for civil rights in the 1990s and I would argue that is what I successfully got with the Disability Discrimination Act and now the Equality Act. But did anyone really understand what they were and what it meant for disabled people?

Civil Rights is a marxist capitalist theory where it is right to be a citizen, and being a citizen means taking up responsibilities like work, having a family and being a consumer in return for education, housing, public services and so on. The right won was the right to take responsibility without being discriminated not the right for a free ride as many disabled people has now assumed it to be.

Disabled people as a whole have appeared from their user led charities, have refused to take up the rights they fought for and it was probably not what they wanted or a new generation of disabled people have misunderstood the rights we fought for for the inclusion of disabled people, not to be able never to work and demand red carpet treatment.

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