Do you understand the models of disability?

Everyone now talks about the social model like its very common knowledge in terms of what it is and what it means, as well as its opposite, the medical model. But is this really the case? Do you really understand the models?

I would argue in reality, while the social model is more well known than it used to be, in reality I would not argue the model is not as understood as it should. I would say many professionals, like social worker, are aware of the social 
model as it is now in their training. But I believe many disabled people are simply not aware of the models and their alignment of the medical or social model would be dependent on how they have entered disability.

Since many disabled people who take on impairments during their lives discover their impairment through medical professionals, they are most likely to adopt a medical model understanding of themselves as disabled people. Since these are the ones currently dominating the headlines in newspaper and the social media, it can sadly question how can the social model be seen as the norm?