Sharpening Teeth

I think when we are youngers, in our 20s, we look to people we see us our older peers to sharpening our teeth upon. I do not remember finding any specific people I sharpened my teeth upon because it was a different era in terms of being able to have contact to people with a similar level of impairment to me and the same level of intelligence.

Now I am older and I have an large internet presence from the many things I do, I am finding I am the older peer my younger peers with cp feel they need to sharpening their teeth upon. Maybe it is because they do not understand the why I have so confidence or I am a visual representation of myself, warts and all, but they feel the need to attack me, poke me and challenge me.

I kinda tolerate it to a point because I feel its helps them learn about themselves as I am their mirror image I never had. They would respond to what i said as utter nonsense but when I get older and find themselves in the position I am in, they will understand it. I feel it is a responsibility of being a good role model which I think is hard to escape from.

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