Terror against ATOS

As someone who is politically described as a disabled person, you may expect me to be in favour of the recent ‘protests’ against ATOS but I am certainly not and I have deep concern for how a minority of hysterical people have hijacked the disability agenda to protect those you can work from a tighten regime.

Okay, I am sure ATOS is not doing the best job in the world and I personal believe the whole system is wrong. We should not measure a person’s ability to work in a specific way as a label to unmeasured unaccessed benefits, we need indeed to provide individualised targeted appropriate support to enable and empower individuals to make a meaningful contribution to society and that means scrapping it all and starting again.

I am firstly deeply offended that people are fighting for the right to be thrown on the scrapheap and simply be paid to sit on beanbags all day as worthless second class citizens. When real disabled people have fought hard for 50 years to be included into society as equal active citizens under the social model, it is disgraceful that a bunch of over-sensitive people with minor impairments and sickness has stolen the voice of disabled people to destroy this social model dream and instead fight for exclusion of all disabled people based on impairment, going straight back to the medical model.

The real sting is the claims being made against ATOS in terms of the fact that ATOS has murdered 1000 people, found people fit to work while in a coma and so on. Not only it is myth upon myth, lie upon lie, but its blaming ATOS for the fear and panic which was created by the lies they made themselves. Any blood lost is on the hands of the disability charities and extremists themselves.

I believe the recent actions have bordered on the realms of terrorism and if an Asian extremist group were making similar claims against a government agency with as much hostile hatred, it will be deemed as terrorism. But because the liberal media tolerates this action based on their fears and prejudices against disabled people, the extremists are portrayed as the freedom fighters of a new disability movement which ironically excludes real disabled people.

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