DPAC Kills?

DPAC is short for ‘Disabled People Against Cut’ which is a loose organisation of people claiming to be disabled who have been central in the protests and actions of terror against ATOS in their fight to defend a medical model understanding of disabled people being naturally inferior worthless unfit beings who should be paid off and excluded from society, which is totally opposite for what real disabled people have fought for over the last 50 years.

Their main marketing ploy is to claim ATOS has killed and therefore murdered 1000 people with no evidence. They cite with glee how people have committed suicide when they have received letters to say they are fit for work like we are supposed to believe someone would kill themselves over £45. They talk about real disabled people but they mean drug addicts, alcoholics, people suffering stress, back pain and so on as they defend a corrupted benefit system that diverts money away from real disabled people.

I would argue it is DPAC, not ATOS, which kills disabled people through their lies and myths. As they destroy the idea of disabled people being included in society, the social model, they lie to real disabled people about their entitlement to benefits while giving fake disabled people false hope that they have a divine human right to be thrown on the scrapheap for a bit of cash. So it is this disgraceful immoral behaviour which is maybe leading people into despair and killing themselves.

DPAC needs to smell the coffee and admit what they are really about, destroying the lives of disabled people to enable benefit fraud. They think as a person with significant impairments, not only am I unemployable but I am better off dead as I am betrayed by the people who have stolen my voice as they claim to represent me. The truth will come out and I hope DPAC pays for its crimes against humanity.