The Hate Crime Myth

There is not a week goes by when I do not read something about the rise in disability hate crime which is crippling the inclusion of disabled people. I feel it is portrayed as something which affects all disabled people on a daily basis like Jews in Nazi Germany as a myth upon a myth upon a myth.

The reality is I feel after the Paralympics and the I’m Spazicus comedy, disabled people are enjoying a level of respect and a potential for true inclusion like never seen before. So why is the government giving £10m to user led charities to teach people to become victims of hate crimes, being over-sensitive to every little thing?

I think its a number of things. I think firstly some disabled people, especially those with newly acquired impairments, expect to be treated as china dolls, like people in hospital, and are unwilling to accept the normality that comes with inclusion and so they are wanting to be excluded from society as victims. Secondly, the people who are most affected by the welfare reforms do not want a proper debate as they know they would lost and so they shout hate crime to prevent a debate. And finally, the user led charities benefit from the exclusion of disabled people and hate crime is a fashionable way of doing it.

There is bullying but there are better ways of dealing with it, by empowering people to turn the other cheek and not be sucked into victim hood for the profit of others.

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