My Younger Peers

When I was younger, I did not have someone older with my level of impairment and my level of intelligent to look up to, or at least someone specifically. I think it is important to have role models, people who inspire, and so I have already tried to be one to others.

Now, I do have younger peers who respect me in different ways including a few who feel the need to challenge and insult me as a way to develop their understanding of themselves. Many do not understand my level of confident and my acceptance of myself as people with cp, warts and all. 

The fact I celebrate my impairment uneases some of my younger peers because they have not yet reached yet point and also looking at me is for them like looking in the mirror and they can find it uneasy.

I like to friends with anyone I can but I won’t compromise myself. I understand people needs to develop themselves and how I may help them, whether I want to or not, but I will not tolerate offensive behaviour as everyone needs to learn responsibility one way or another.

Personal Development is so important and I am always glad to help others find themselves and understand their story as they follow their journey if they wish to do so.

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