If they were Asian (ATOS Protests)

In looking at the new dubbed ‘ATOS Protests’, we have seen how a minority of people claiming to be disabled have destroyed the pathway of inclusion for real disabled people by destroying a social model understand in preference for medical model pity simply for a bit of cold hard cash and the right to be economic burdens of society, refusing to make any meaningful contribution to society.

While they talk about peaceful protest, they have made a public commitment to “hound and harass” ATOS. They continue to make incredible claims based of ignorant and act in ways with I feel borders on terrorism. If an asian group had declared war on a government function, the government, the police and liberal middle class media would be outraged and mass arrests would be demanded and made under the terrorism act.

But because society pities ‘the disabled’ as worthless second class unemployable objects of pity, their immoral and illegal actions are tolerated and even celebrated by the liberal media. The charities sit back and watch with glee because it promotes their exclusion agenda as they profit from the dependency demanded and creates by these protesters. It is also interesting how the leaders of the protest groups act like mini-gods, enjoying the emotional dependency their followers have for them who worship them just like any religious cult.

The real victims are real disabled people who have lost their voice to ‘disabled people’ who are often freshly impaired and full of the non-disabled prejudice for disabled people they had as they seek pity, not inclusion. 

I hope this government gets a backbone and treat these protestors and their scandalous lies in the way all criminals should be treated and made them accountable for the harassment they spread as they accuse the government of murder.