Am I an actor?

As many readers may know I am one of the stars of “I’m Spazticus”, the Channel 4 prank show starring disabled actors making fun on the non-disabled public, which has been widely reported as being given a second series! The pilot was made 7 years ago and if you imagine a year ago, the project was long dead in the water, it is too amazing to comprehend.

In the show I act very much as myself and that is the beauty of it. And that leads me to the question of whether I am an actor in the true sense? I know from experience I am not good at reading from scripts, often because I need to say what I can say and not what I want to or need to say. But clearly with my Lightwriter, that is not a problem.

But maybe I am an actor because I can be the part and I shine at what I do and maybe that is all that matters. As a self employed person I have to turn my hand to whatever comes my way and adapt accordingly. I also enjoyed my experience filming I’m Spazticus and I got paid, so maybe I leave this question for others to judge.

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