Celebrate achievements, desire improvements

One thing which frustrates me is when people, especially disabled people, moan about inaccessible but do nothing about it. Often people find the smallest thing they can find and turn it into the biggest thing because they enjoy the drama on being negative as they enjoy spending their unhappiness to others.

I believe it is firstly important to celebrate the successes and achievements in how much accessibility has improved in the next 20 years before looking to how things can be improved. We must first accept life is not perfect and if things are not fully accessible it is not a part of some conspiracy against disabled people but simply life.

Rather than go to the newspapers with every little rant, the best solution is to approach the people behind the issue and work with them to make things better in the realisms of the world. Most people share the desire to improve things if you give them a chance rather than portraying them as criminals in this new and sad victim culture that exists.

The world will always need improving but it can only be done by being possible, not negative.

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