The war against real disabled people

I would like to argue that there is a war against real disabled people, not by ATOS or the government but by the the middle class liberal press and the not so real disabled people. I know this is not the right language because they is not a language for what I am saying but those you know what I mean know what I mean.

The war centres about who has the right to be labelled unfit and so enjoy the benefits of being disabled without much of the disadvantaged. When people say the Work Capability Assessment is flawed, they mean the line between the fit and the unfit is in the wrong place and more people should be deemed unfit. I however believe everyone should be deemed fit for work and the question should be what support do people require to make a meaningful contribution to society.

For me unfit means unworthy incapable burden of society and if people with minor impairments are considered unworthy of the responsibility of citizenship, the real question is what do people think of those with significant and  severe impairments? Well deep down, they probably think we are better off dead. If more money is needed to tickle the fancies of the not-so-real disabled people, someone has to suffer and if real disabled people are considered unworthy of life then clearly they will be targeted to pay for other people’s right not to work.

Those who pity ‘the disabled’ because they were asked a few questions by ATOS are the people who are protecting those who legally scam the benefits system and in the end, it will be people like me who will have to pay in our quality of lives.

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