Planning for Christmas

Now summer is definitely over the next major event to plan for is ofcourse Christmas. Now I have never been a big fan is Christmas because it has too many bad memories of a family I never really got upon. Without close family or anyone to spent Christmas is be choice, and the needs of my staff to consider, Christmas can be a hard time.

But this year I got it sorted, 2 weeks in Lanzarote during Christmas and New Year. So while I may still be on my own, I will have the weather on my side and I can go out each day and spent time in the fresh warm air when most people are stuck indoors. This is the Christmas I have chosen for myself and I am really looking forward to it!

The Hate Crime Myth

There is not a week goes by when I do not read something about the rise in disability hate crime which is crippling the inclusion of disabled people. I feel it is portrayed as something which affects all disabled people on a daily basis like Jews in Nazi Germany as a myth upon a myth upon a myth.

The reality is I feel after the Paralympics and the I’m Spazicus comedy, disabled people are enjoying a level of respect and a potential for true inclusion like never seen before. So why is the government giving £10m to user led charities to teach people to become victims of hate crimes, being over-sensitive to every little thing?

I think its a number of things. I think firstly some disabled people, especially those with newly acquired impairments, expect to be treated as china dolls, like people in hospital, and are unwilling to accept the normality that comes with inclusion and so they are wanting to be excluded from society as victims. Secondly, the people who are most affected by the welfare reforms do not want a proper debate as they know they would lost and so they shout hate crime to prevent a debate. And finally, the user led charities benefit from the exclusion of disabled people and hate crime is a fashionable way of doing it.

There is bullying but there are better ways of dealing with it, by empowering people to turn the other cheek and not be sucked into victim hood for the profit of others.

DPAC Kills?

DPAC is short for ‘Disabled People Against Cut’ which is a loose organisation of people claiming to be disabled who have been central in the protests and actions of terror against ATOS in their fight to defend a medical model understanding of disabled people being naturally inferior worthless unfit beings who should be paid off and excluded from society, which is totally opposite for what real disabled people have fought for over the last 50 years.

Their main marketing ploy is to claim ATOS has killed and therefore murdered 1000 people with no evidence. They cite with glee how people have committed suicide when they have received letters to say they are fit for work like we are supposed to believe someone would kill themselves over £45. They talk about real disabled people but they mean drug addicts, alcoholics, people suffering stress, back pain and so on as they defend a corrupted benefit system that diverts money away from real disabled people.

I would argue it is DPAC, not ATOS, which kills disabled people through their lies and myths. As they destroy the idea of disabled people being included in society, the social model, they lie to real disabled people about their entitlement to benefits while giving fake disabled people false hope that they have a divine human right to be thrown on the scrapheap for a bit of cash. So it is this disgraceful immoral behaviour which is maybe leading people into despair and killing themselves.

DPAC needs to smell the coffee and admit what they are really about, destroying the lives of disabled people to enable benefit fraud. They think as a person with significant impairments, not only am I unemployable but I am better off dead as I am betrayed by the people who have stolen my voice as they claim to represent me. The truth will come out and I hope DPAC pays for its crimes against humanity.

Terror against ATOS

As someone who is politically described as a disabled person, you may expect me to be in favour of the recent ‘protests’ against ATOS but I am certainly not and I have deep concern for how a minority of hysterical people have hijacked the disability agenda to protect those you can work from a tighten regime.

Okay, I am sure ATOS is not doing the best job in the world and I personal believe the whole system is wrong. We should not measure a person’s ability to work in a specific way as a label to unmeasured unaccessed benefits, we need indeed to provide individualised targeted appropriate support to enable and empower individuals to make a meaningful contribution to society and that means scrapping it all and starting again.

I am firstly deeply offended that people are fighting for the right to be thrown on the scrapheap and simply be paid to sit on beanbags all day as worthless second class citizens. When real disabled people have fought hard for 50 years to be included into society as equal active citizens under the social model, it is disgraceful that a bunch of over-sensitive people with minor impairments and sickness has stolen the voice of disabled people to destroy this social model dream and instead fight for exclusion of all disabled people based on impairment, going straight back to the medical model.

The real sting is the claims being made against ATOS in terms of the fact that ATOS has murdered 1000 people, found people fit to work while in a coma and so on. Not only it is myth upon myth, lie upon lie, but its blaming ATOS for the fear and panic which was created by the lies they made themselves. Any blood lost is on the hands of the disability charities and extremists themselves.

I believe the recent actions have bordered on the realms of terrorism and if an Asian extremist group were making similar claims against a government agency with as much hostile hatred, it will be deemed as terrorism. But because the liberal media tolerates this action based on their fears and prejudices against disabled people, the extremists are portrayed as the freedom fighters of a new disability movement which ironically excludes real disabled people.

Sharpening Teeth

I think when we are youngers, in our 20s, we look to people we see us our older peers to sharpening our teeth upon. I do not remember finding any specific people I sharpened my teeth upon because it was a different era in terms of being able to have contact to people with a similar level of impairment to me and the same level of intelligence.

Now I am older and I have an large internet presence from the many things I do, I am finding I am the older peer my younger peers with cp feel they need to sharpening their teeth upon. Maybe it is because they do not understand the why I have so confidence or I am a visual representation of myself, warts and all, but they feel the need to attack me, poke me and challenge me.

I kinda tolerate it to a point because I feel its helps them learn about themselves as I am their mirror image I never had. They would respond to what i said as utter nonsense but when I get older and find themselves in the position I am in, they will understand it. I feel it is a responsibility of being a good role model which I think is hard to escape from.

This is my front window

My blog, as well as my website, is the front window to my ‘shop’ as someone who is self employed. As someone who is dependent on finding work all the time from potential customers, I need to present myself in the way I want to present myself as this is the only opportunity to have any control over my image.

Someone commented to me that I should spend less time promoting myself and more time talking about the people I help, but that does not help pay the bills. I have needed to have a strong image and ego to get me as far as I got in my life. It is often easier to help others than it is to help yourself and learning to be selfish was a hard lesson for me.

I must help myself first so I can help others more and it is a lesson I feel many people would be helpful to learn.

I have needed a big personality

I am quite aware that some people think that I am too big for my boots and I am, for a better word, an egomaniac. To some extent this may indeed be true but I believe it is important to understand why I have needed a big personality.

The answer is simply survival. Having a significant impairment in the 70s and 80s had a much larger stigma than it has now and meant you were very much excluded from society as a norm. To avoid being institutionalised into being just another special school or residential care statistic, I needed to shine and shine I did.

Even now, I see my peers not have many the opportunities I have because they do not know how to grab them. I learnt to grab them and to get noticed. I have aware people may see me as selfish but with no family that supports me, who else is going to look after my best interests and get what I need if it is not myself?

I do have a belief in the individual over the collective as do not believe people can truly rely other people and if people want something, they need to get it themselves and not wait for others to do it for them. If people do not like the fact I look after my best interests, it is their problem, not mine.

Are bibs just for babies?

A bib is a covering of the fact worn to protect clothes during mealtimes or from drooling. It is generally seen as something  as normally worn by babies but as someone with cerebral palsy, I wear a bib at home all day because of my own drooling. Am I a baby? Not at all, just someone using something I find useful.

10 years ago, bibs for adults were a taboo subject but now I feel that it is more accepted for many disabled people to wear bibs if they wish to do, as well as use a whole range of specialist equipment which were previously less acceptable. I feel this is all due to an improved inclusion of disabled people on their own terms. 

People with significant impairments often find things that some regard as babyish as useful to their chosen lifestyle and I am clear the pressure to act normal is less than what it used to be.

New York Beggars

When I was in New York a month ago one thing I could not help notice was the amount of beggars on the streets and the fact many of them were disabled. My initial reaction was one of shock and sadness but then I become to real consider the issue.

I saw three types of beggars. The first who were mostly based around Time Square were non-disabled people who showed no sign of distressed with stupid signs asking the money to buy weed or to get laid. They must be assuming their humour will fool people into giving money to them.

The second group of beggars were your war veterans who portray the classic tramp issue as they showed her injuries and their lack of hygiene as a reason for feel sorry for them. They have clearly fallen through the cracks but did not show a respect for themselves which I could respect.

The third group was younger disabled people, people like myself. This group has seemed to make their begging into a full time job as they appeared to have respect for themselves and were simply using the asset of pity to make a living. The money was going straight into their own money and not to some charity, simply to pay the wages of the middle class. I could respect them within the situation they were in.

Please be assured I am not advocating begging and in the UK, there is certainly no need to do so. But America is a different place and I am prepared to understand its culture.

An strange alliance of ‘disabled people’

I feel the government’s welfare reforms has creating an strange alliance of ‘disabled people’ who have decided to friestly attack the government and now ATOS which the sole aim of ensuring disabled people who can fit have the right to be paid not to work without question.

I will tackle the awful lies being spread in any blogs as well as the fact they now dance of the graves of sick people as they accuse ATOS of murder without reason, evidence, logic or understanding. By here I want to explore how this sick movement has the undeserved credit it has.

The core group of the alliance is sick people and people with minor impairments who think they deserve to be disabled because of the benefits it brings. They clearly have medical model prejudices against disability and therefore I can only assume they believe real disabled people, they call ‘profoundly disabled’, are better off dead since they is their understanding of disability, as a matter of pity.

In their terror like protests, they are immediately surrondly by  socialists, who will gladly correct any issue to get their socialist ideas of fairness which is built on emotion. They can make demands easier but can no ability to put it into practice  as they would gold for everyone but just reading Animal Farm, we see how the realism of socialism is a mess and as bad for disabled people as pure capitalism.

This is a core group who want normally be dismissed as extreme but for the some strange reason the middle class liberal elite has lent their support. Built on pity and a belief disabled people are naturally worthless second class citizens, they lent their support to the sick movement in the way they protect animals and the right of flies not to be hurt, from a far and with no understanding of the issue.

This alliance is destroying the social model and any hope of real disabled people to be included into society as they take attitudes towards disabled people back 100 years. It is now time for real disabled people. those who want to work, to fight back and reclaim our politics.