Is Labour good for disabled people?

With the prospect of a Labour government in 2015 the big question to ask is whether or not it going to good for disabled people. I think it will good but not in the way many sick and disabled activists are assuming it is going to be.

Labour is not going to undo the welfare reforms as they know they wanted to do it themselves but were not brave enough to do so and with good reasons with the vicious attacks on those who support the reforms by a minority of disabled people. Labour will however reversed this government’s desire for special schools and I am glad about that.

I however weary in reading the current thinking from Labour that they must avoid falling into the traps the believing the lies manufactured by the charities about things like hate crime and pandering to the fashions of the minority at the cost of real disabled people.

Labour needs a backbone to develop thinking on disability and bring real inclusion to all disabled people despite the attempts of user led charities, protest groups and self-appointed leaders to stop inclusion and promote save and comfortable exclusion. 

I hope to have the opportunity to work with Labour to develop that policies so real disabled people are included, not excluded/

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Who really hates who?

The old social model movement of user led charities would like everyone to believe that hate crime towards disabled people is on the raise because of so-called all the negative publicity around the welfare reforms but the facts are not adding up and the evidence is not saying this, despite how the user led charities are calling it wrong.

What is interesting is that I would like to argue those who complaint about being victims of hate crime are those who are most likely to generate hate crime themselves.  Many disabled people have a loathing for themselves and for others based on a how range of messed up emotions and baggage. They are therefore more likely to show a hatred for others and this can be shown in the increasingly hostile socialist propaganda that has swamped the net. 

And on a personal level, if I were to qualify these actions as hate crime, I can easily say and prove that in the last 12 months, I have experienced a huge amount of online abuse from ‘disabled people’ who do not like my viewpoint which all kinds of anti-social comments. I can also confirm I have had absolutely no abuse from anyone or anywhere else and I certainly do not shy away from the public. 

Some would argue I deserve it for my extreme views but surely if hate crime is hate crime whatever the circumstances as they claim, they are the people who should be arrested in the name of equality? It is lucky for them I do not play the victim.

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The Right to be Murdered?

Despite the recent death and suspected suicide of Tony Nicklinson, I am concerned and surprised to hear his widow is still pursuing an appeal to give a legal right for someone to be killed by their doctors. This immediately alerts me to the fact this will not the actions of a desperate me but a calculated ideology which will seriously affect the lives of many disabled people.

I now see the issue of euthanasia as far more grey than it was. The issue has now got to be split into the right to die and the right to be killed. While I would personally at this stage of my life not desire death, I do believe we have a right to die in the sense that we have an ability to commit suicide without assistance and we have to right to die from natural causes. 

The later goes against the idealogical to the medical world but I think we have reached a point in our social evolution where we must question how long we work to live in terms of coping with terminal illnesses. When someone only has a few days left and in severe pain, the right thing is more complex and we need to debate this further. But personal choice must be the key factor here, it is about the right not to be saved.

Where Tony was going was the idea that someone who was not dying from a terminal illness but felt they need help to commit suicide could on their terms ask their GP to ‘prescribe’ and nowadays commission it. This is murder in the purest sense and leaves room for so much misinterpretation and corruption, it is a very dangerous path and I can see doctors providing ‘compassion’ to parents for disabled children who are struggling because of environment issues. Tanni Grey may suggest parents can put their children in residential care because of debt issues but the late Tony Nickinson could be offering a cheaper solution.

The right to live comes first and no one has the right to take another persons life nor forced by law to have blood on their hands.

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Reclaiming families from the Carers Movement

The concept of a carer is relevantly new one which was built upon the relationship between a husband or wife of someone with dementia, the society accepts the emotional divorce of the couple as the relationship changes to one of dependency. 

However, the term has spread like wildfire to mean anyone who has an unpaid relationship with someone deemed to dependent from impairment or illness. Parents of disabled children has been turned into carers and their brothers and/or sisters have been turned into young carers, just for living with them. So in effect, disabled children and disabled people have had their families stolen from them simply for the politics of the now strong carers movement.

The real problem is while people can accept families can be wrong, carers are always right and so families now potential have greater power to abuse their ‘burdens’ as society deemed them to be passive by the presence of a carer. So we must now reclaim families from the carer’s movement.

I often tell parents they have the right to be parents and understand they must let go at the right time. If we do not reclaim families  the already heavy strain on relationships will further tear between disabled children and their families apart as the potential of individuals are ignored. This is indeed one fashion statement, that of being a carer, which has potentially very damaging long term effects.

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Shop by dribbling

I was very interested and pleased when I saw this here, a webpage from a disability shop showing by products suitable for ‘dribbling’, a baby kind as opposed to the football kind.

For me, it demonstrates how much the sub-culture of disability or impairment I feel most comfortable to belong to as developed with pride over the last year. A million miles from the ATOS protestors, this is a group of people with significant impairments who once has to hide their true needs as they are forced to confirm to mainstream expectations are any infant like solution was frown upon.

Now we can wear our bibs with pride and use clothing that works with our dribbling, not force to use tissues which end up disintegration into incredible messes so some middle class teacher or social worker can feel better. We can also use the language we feel comfortable with, without being told off for not being PC.

I wish the best to this site and the part it is playing, maybe without realising it, in the liberation of people with significant impairments.

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Lies, Damn Lies and Statistics

While it is very true to say that Maths never lie, the problem with research generally is the questions being asked. Two pieces of research on exactly the same issue can bring very different results because they have asked the questions in very different results.

To understand research, you must understand the context in which it was produced and the exact questions being asked. The first is easy to discovery as the organisation paying for the research is always too willing to raise their hand. All research is commissioned with an agenda and this must be understood if you are really able to understand what you are being asked to believe at face value.

But the exact questions is the bit the people behind the research never want to explain as they prefer you accept the wild statements they make. Also the sample size is so important and revealing to know if the research is creditable or just nonsense.

I feel right now too much research is being produced on the welfare reforms to provide a bank of lies which the protesters believe said long enough will be regarded as the truth. Just think a little more next time you hear about the latest research. 

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Disability is far more acceptable

If maybe of those who claim to be disabled in 2012 in the 
country understand what it was like to be disabled in 1992, 1982 or 1972, maybe just maybe there is stop complaining how they never had it so bad, and realise how they never had it so good and maybe now too good.

We live in a society where the stigma of disability is always but some and can now narrowed down to a few impairments like speech impairments. This does not mean that is still not deep down fears about disabled people but we are certainly getting there.

Disabled people can now be themselves and use what they need without feeling extreme pressure to conform. Social policy is saying the right thing despite what the now socialist owned disability movement would like people to admit. The delivery is far from perfect but the intentions are correct.

We should be celebrating what has been achieved in society and building upon it as disabled people have more opportunities than ever before, including the opportunity to destroy what they now have. Technology, changes in attitudes and improved environments as made this country a wondering place and time for disabled people to finish the job and cease their full inclusion into society, but some they hell bent to use their new freedoms to ensure disabled people are excluded from society reserving what has been achieved.

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Guardian’s Betrayal of real disabled people

I used to be a big fan of the Guardian as the one paper I would choose to read because of its focus on social issues. I have appeared in the Guardian, written for it and even starred on a advert on its front cover. But the change of government saw a change in direction in how the paper portrays disabled people from promoting independence to dependency.

I strongly believe the paper as spearheaded the creation and development of the fake disabled movement, providing a voice to a new generation of so called disability activists who sole aim is to promote all disabled people as worthless unemployable vulnerable victims of society so the sick can be paid never to work with outright lies, misinformation and dangerous ideas as the paper permits zero real debate of the issues. 

The paper has launched a new generation of minor celebs who think they are something as they feel like they are the first disabled person to do something as so-called disabled people. The reality is these rulers of the unaccountable fake movement who hide themselves in social media are the biggest ever danger to real disabled people since Adolf Hitler as their pity based exclusion agenda fuels the eugenics agenda as the pity for the sick and fake relies of real disabled people being portrayed as better off dead.

I am tried to get the paper to commission me to do an counter-argument to this attack on real disabled people by offering a voice of someone who is really disabled/impaired. With excuses the paper talks about timing as its continues to publish offensive misinformation written by the fake disabled movement on a weekly basis.

I know I do have liberal views but I now know I am not a dinner table liberal as I do not allow my emotions and any naivety applaud offensive socialist behaviour. The Guardian made it clear it me its pity for disabled people prevents it from being a platform for proper debate on the issues as it continues to betray real disabled people.

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Why the helmet?

I can guess some readers why wonder why I wear a helmet but why have been too polite to ask. Well, the original reason as when I was younger I mostly walked and while I am mostly confident in walking, I was sometimes unsteady on my feet and when I fell I really fell.

When I was 17 I fell on some ice and knocked myself out and this made me more aware of the risks. So in my 20s I started using a helmet and over a few years it just become normal to wear a helmet. And while I use a wheelchair much more, I still use the helmet, especially as the way I move my arms involuntary, I often clogger myself.

I also now wear a helmet because it has become a part of my identity and a trademark in the way some people always wear a specific hat, and why not? I believe it is important to reclaim need and turn it into a want as we define our own lifestyle.

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The Proud Spaz

I am considering using the title of ”The Proud Spaz’ for my comic and light side of my work. I had used the term because in Secondlife, within my virtual disability nightclub, Wheelies, and now I am considering explaining this unique branding to other less formal areas of my work.

I feel the title sums up who I am and how I feel and like “The Lost voice guy” and “King Gimp” has been used as branded by other people with cp, I feel this brand could attract an audience to understand my no nonsense approach to who I am. It also links well to be work with “I’m Spazticus” as we prepare for a second series.

The idea is in its early stages of development so watch this space to see more about the adventures of “I’m Spazticus”.

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