Who defines degrading|?

I heard the Work Capacity Assessment carried out by ATOS being referred to by a number of people as degrading but what exactly does this mean? As I argued before if you want the money, you need to jump through the loops. It is ackward that an assessment is required often when a person is going through anger stage of the change process but if there are all the physical assaults occuring, where are the police reports?

While the whole notion of defining work fitness is wrong, I am not sure how being asked some questions can be degrading? I was brought up with the images of disabled children and adults beinging photographed in just their underwear as the freak property of doctors who wanted to show others how great they (the doctors) were and I think it certainly something we can all call degrading.

The problem with the whole issue is the interference of the political correct middle class liberals, who see the issue with pity and a lack of awareness of how complex disability is. In the same way they donate to charity to hide the problems their find uncomfortable, they see the welfare state as a way of hiding the ‘undesirables’ of society and remains a central barrier to inclusion of disabled people.

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