What real disabled people have to go through

When I hear how ‘awful’ it is for people who are unfit for work to have ‘one’ assessment from ATOS to get money they think they deserve, I must put it in the context of what ‘real’ disabled people have to go through, often simply to get up in the morning.

I mentioned that yesterday I face 4 assessments every so often, at the absolute discretion of the funders, for my social care and that is the just the start. During my life I have seen more consultants, doctors and nursing than most people could imagine, all poking and proding. Then in education, you got statements, which involve many assessments.

On top of this, you have society and the public interfering whenever it can with charities designed to make us look helpless. And it goes on and on. But for a majority of real disabled people, rather than moaning how awful it is, most including myself just get on with it, desiring a positive future for everyone.

It is very easy for those who do not understand to cry foul at the emotional picture painted but I feel it must always be put in the wider context.

2 thoughts on “What real disabled people have to go through

  1. But you are using using pity for people who want the right not to work and what help? If you think they are unfit and unworthy of being citizens, what do you think of real disabled people? Should I be regarded better off dead because you feel sorry for drug addicts and alocohols on disability benefit despite the fact I do work?


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