The ATOS Coma Myth

One of the myths of the ATOS protestors is that people who are in comas are being declared fit for work. They want the public to believe some inhuman ATOS assessor has visited them in hospital and said of course they are fit for work, but that is not what is really happening.

In reality people in comas are receiving letters from ATOS asking them to do an initial questionnaire which clearly they do not see, along with a whole range of post including bills etc. Since ATOS can not know the situation if they have not been told about it, they can only use the procedures they have and assume the person no longer wants the benefits since they have not heard from them.

While it is appear distressing, it is one of many many things a person needs to deal with when they awake from a coma and it is hoped that when the situation is explained the benefit is returned if it is still required. But when someone with fighting for their life, I think their benefits is a minor issue and it is shameful these desperate fake disabled people are grasping at every straw they can find as they use the critical health of coma patients as a political weapon. 

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