Oversensitive Reactions

I believe it making things better as everything can and will be made better but there is a right way and an unhelpful way of doing this. I do worry when I see some disabled who appear to publicly complain about the smallest of points on the believe the organisations responsible should be perfect, turning it into the crime of the century, with giving the organisation involved a chance to respond. 

I would go further and argue some disabled people are so unhappy and spiteful, they deliberately look for things to complain about, spoiling it for everyone around them, such as some of the ‘disability’ news around the Paralympics. They have taken their rights, forgetting their responsibilities,  and used them as a weapon of mass destruction as they label anyone who does not treat them like royalty as a criminal. They do a disservice to everyone else as they portray all disabled people as ungrateful whingers who just suck the life of everyone around them with their dislike for ‘people’, and then whether why ‘people’ react badly to them.

Everyone makes mistakes and disabled people should ideally work, paid when possible, with organisations to help them improve things without the fear of being portrayed as criminals if they fail to meet the precise needs of a specific disabled person in the future. Disabled people also have a responsibility to live in the real world and maybe for some, to learn to smile rather than growl all the time.