What do I mean by real disabled people?

I am very aware that using the terms fake and real disabled people are probably not the best terms but we do not have a better language to describe what I am saying, and I believe in using these terms, I am helping to start a much needed public debate on what we define as disability.

It is hard to accurately define what I mean by real disabled people but those who know what I mean know what I mean. It has more to do with attitude and far less with what impairment someone has but clearly impairment matters. When people say the sick and the disabled, they are coming close to the problem.

Sickness and minor impairments affects people in a very different way where society used to require people to do everything they can to get better or just cope with their conditions. Some people who are chronically sick has choose to identify themselves as disabled and use human rights to wallow in self pity.

Real disabled people will not often identify themselves as unemployable and will actually desire to contribute to society in some meaningful way within a society which disables them. They see human rights as a tool for inclusion, not for desired exclusion. They hate the pity the sick seems to eager for and so the sick agenda is so offensive to the disability agenda.

As it is easier for user led charities to profit from the stupidity of the sick who want to be disabled in an exclusion agenda, they have abandoned the inclusion agenda and pushed real disabled people out of the organisations which still claim to represent them. The exclusion agenda can only be bad for real disabled people as it fuels the socially acceptable eugenics agenda.

Why are real disabled people not fighting back? Well many do not yet see what is happening as the change is so quick and many are to busy being disabled and living their own lives to worry about the bigger picture. This does not stop me fighting the fight however much some people would like me to simply go away.

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