Wearing nappies with pride

You may be aware that when I go out I choose to wear nappies with plastic pants as my underwear to assist me with my continence. It is a lifestyle choice which I am proud about as a ‘nappy’ wearer as opposed to a user of ‘pads’. 

While incontinence is portrayed as an older person’s issue that causes embarrassment and needs to be managed with discretion, for many younger disabled people, they may have worn nappies throughout their lives and therefore it is a normal part of their lives. They may also resent the medicalisation of their needs as nurses whisper ‘pads’ to them and so feel the need to shout they wear nappies with pride.

Nappies and many other lifestyle choices can make up a proud identity of people with significant impairments who are not often represented and seen in public but it is aligned to the freakism culture shown on “I’m Spazticus”, and is million miles away from the culture behind the ATOS Protestors.