Behind the (disability) fraud rate

One of the arguments of those who are against the welfare reforms is how low the official fraud rate is for people claiming disability benefits. However, I would argue that the real problem is that it is so easy to claim benefits that the fraud rate does not reflect the actual abuse of disability benefits by people it is not originally intended.

There is generally a new culture of rights without in this country where a section of the population is always looking for what they can get for nothing and disability benefits have been there to be abused. Because people are generally unwilling to challenge anyone who claims to be disabled, people who say they are disabled go unchallenged. In fact, the whole point of the creation of hate crime is to further protect fake disabled people from being challenged by criminalising free speech and the ability to challenge these people with their exclusion agenda.

I do people everything should get what they need to meet their outcomes but that labeled based entitlements are not the way forward as they create winners and losers. I believe in individualised payments where people need to get more explanation to what they need and this may be the point we will see how much the current system has been abused.

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