From money to support

In reflecting on a lot of issues, I believe in terms of disability, we must move away from entitlements and towards outcome based individualised support which moves people forward not lives them hanging in dependency. 

I believe the current entitlement system is based on meeting specific labels of disability which are difficult to measure and these needs to abuse as fixed amounts of compensation on something so individual can only led to winners and losers. The government is trying to move the goalpost to make less winners, the fake disabled who now control the politics of disability with their exclusion agenda.

By assuming everyone has a positive contribution to make to society, the key is to ask people what they need. Many will not know and will need help to discover themselves and their talents before understanding what they need. By going past the “I’m disabled and I have a right to…”, people will be challenged to justify themselves and may find what they need to not financial but simply good advice, encouragement and a positive attitude to access what is already around them.

This is the way forward and this will happen in my lifetime because we need to do it differently for the benefit on everyone.

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