Trying to keep positive

It is interesting that this article had been queued up and reaches me on a day I am suffering from a bad cold and I do not feel as positive as I usually am but this is just a sign of the approaching winter. Overall, I always like to see the positive side of life without difficult it can be.

But within disability politics, being positive is not fashionable and we are seeing the greatest attack upon the actual and potential inclusion of real disabled by the fake disabled ever. They actively wish to destroy the positive social model and replace it with a medical model pity approach to disability where disabled people are portrayed as worthless unemployable victims of society, The socialists have hijacked human rights and made them toxic as a way to validate their medical model pity for disabled people while the liberals just clap and cheer.

As a real disabled person I refuse to let a few ‘sick’ people stuck in pity mode with an army of star struck followers destroy my chances in life and I am going to positively fight back by exposing the truth and work with the government now and in the future to develop a social care system which makes a positive and meaningful difference to everyone within a rights and responsibilities framework.

The now medical model bias corrupted disability press is never going to report what I say because it is not what they want to hear as real disabled people becomes more excluded in the issues that affect them. But time will tell and I do see a positive but well fought future for real disabled people.

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