Disability is far more acceptable

If maybe of those who claim to be disabled in 2012 in the 
country understand what it was like to be disabled in 1992, 1982 or 1972, maybe just maybe there is stop complaining how they never had it so bad, and realise how they never had it so good and maybe now too good.

We live in a society where the stigma of disability is always but some and can now narrowed down to a few impairments like speech impairments. This does not mean that is still not deep down fears about disabled people but we are certainly getting there.

Disabled people can now be themselves and use what they need without feeling extreme pressure to conform. Social policy is saying the right thing despite what the now socialist owned disability movement would like people to admit. The delivery is far from perfect but the intentions are correct.

We should be celebrating what has been achieved in society and building upon it as disabled people have more opportunities than ever before, including the opportunity to destroy what they now have. Technology, changes in attitudes and improved environments as made this country a wondering place and time for disabled people to finish the job and cease their full inclusion into society, but some they hell bent to use their new freedoms to ensure disabled people are excluded from society reserving what has been achieved.

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