Shop by dribbling

I was very interested and pleased when I saw this here, a webpage from a disability shop showing by products suitable for ‘dribbling’, a baby kind as opposed to the football kind.

For me, it demonstrates how much the sub-culture of disability or impairment I feel most comfortable to belong to as developed with pride over the last year. A million miles from the ATOS protestors, this is a group of people with significant impairments who once has to hide their true needs as they are forced to confirm to mainstream expectations are any infant like solution was frown upon.

Now we can wear our bibs with pride and use clothing that works with our dribbling, not force to use tissues which end up disintegration into incredible messes so some middle class teacher or social worker can feel better. We can also use the language we feel comfortable with, without being told off for not being PC.

I wish the best to this site and the part it is playing, maybe without realising it, in the liberation of people with significant impairments.

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