Who really hates who?

The old social model movement of user led charities would like everyone to believe that hate crime towards disabled people is on the raise because of so-called all the negative publicity around the welfare reforms but the facts are not adding up and the evidence is not saying this, despite how the user led charities are calling it wrong.

What is interesting is that I would like to argue those who complaint about being victims of hate crime are those who are most likely to generate hate crime themselves.  Many disabled people have a loathing for themselves and for others based on a how range of messed up emotions and baggage. They are therefore more likely to show a hatred for others and this can be shown in the increasingly hostile socialist propaganda that has swamped the net. 

And on a personal level, if I were to qualify these actions as hate crime, I can easily say and prove that in the last 12 months, I have experienced a huge amount of online abuse from ‘disabled people’ who do not like my viewpoint which all kinds of anti-social comments. I can also confirm I have had absolutely no abuse from anyone or anywhere else and I certainly do not shy away from the public. 

Some would argue I deserve it for my extreme views but surely if hate crime is hate crime whatever the circumstances as they claim, they are the people who should be arrested in the name of equality? It is lucky for them I do not play the victim.

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