Is Labour good for disabled people?

With the prospect of a Labour government in 2015 the big question to ask is whether or not it going to good for disabled people. I think it will good but not in the way many sick and disabled activists are assuming it is going to be.

Labour is not going to undo the welfare reforms as they know they wanted to do it themselves but were not brave enough to do so and with good reasons with the vicious attacks on those who support the reforms by a minority of disabled people. Labour will however reversed this government’s desire for special schools and I am glad about that.

I however weary in reading the current thinking from Labour that they must avoid falling into the traps the believing the lies manufactured by the charities about things like hate crime and pandering to the fashions of the minority at the cost of real disabled people.

Labour needs a backbone to develop thinking on disability and bring real inclusion to all disabled people despite the attempts of user led charities, protest groups and self-appointed leaders to stop inclusion and promote save and comfortable exclusion. 

I hope to have the opportunity to work with Labour to develop that policies so real disabled people are included, not excluded/

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