The insults from the sick

Recently my blogs have been receiving comments from people who define themselves as ‘sick’ as well as my usual band of not-so-nice fans, and it is interesting the insults they feel impelled to give me. None of the insults upset me and more likely amuse me as they often demonstrate the prejudices they have for real disabled people in the way claim they have.

They firstly frame the total experience of disability in terms of their limited understanding of impairments and so regard a severe impairment as something like not being able to walk from the bedroom to the bathroom without falling over. This just puzzles me to why they do not use a wheelchair, because oh the humiliation.  I would be so very interest to see that faces of these people who were confronted by real disabled people, who could not speak, had severe learning difficulties or were totally immobile  or all three. And how they would look in the face of a working real disabled person and say one of their many sob stories.

I have been called lucky I have a obvious impairment, like I have care, lucky I feel I can work and just luck I am not sick, without asking me anything about my situation. I had sickness wished upon me as well as abusive ATOS assessments and ofcourse cuts in my care. And these are the secret army of activists who know claim they represent all disabled people.

I will keep writing my stuff and the wonderful yet unimaginative insults can just keep comes as it just proves  to me how dangerous these people are for real disabled people.

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Living in my own anger???

A few weeks ago someone commented that I was living in my own anger, just one of many insults I get for speaking my mind by people who can not attack my argument so they attack me. It however got me thinking. I think many people indeed write blogs and comments to blogs with little consequences for their actions as they make wild statements with little understanding.

I however have positioned myself carefully to ensure that as someone independent from any other organisation I am able to speak my mind when I know others who share my views may not be able to do so. I am prepared to take the consequences of what I say and while I do not often explain how I reach my conclusions everything I say is built on solid reasoning which I could explain to the nth.

I do indeed get frustrated when I read complete nonsense which is knowingly or unknowingly designed to degrade my identity and existence but anyone who knows me know I am not an angry person. I am determined and I am very direct in what I say without being unaware of the social skills needed to succeed in life.

When I annoy someone it is because I intended to annoy them understanding the consequences of my actions and I will burn bridges if I feel people are toxic to my goals in life quickly and without mercy because I do not believe in pretending things are working when they are not.

So I do not live in my own anger but instead I live with determination to make a difference by saying what needs to be said when it needs to be said!

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If you want you can!

I am always strongly believed if you want to do something and I mean really want to do something, you will find a way to doing it. The way you achieve something is so much important and it makes take some creative thinking to overcome barriers, and I do believe anyone can achieve the outcomes they desire.

Individual determination is a powerful personal quality which I believe can make the impossible possible and I know this from my own personal experiences. it is not random lucky which creates the quality of life I have, which some people are jealous off, but hard work and determination.

So many people want success without putting the effort or determination needed in, wasting their valuable energy moaning at what they have not got rather than uses it to grasp what they want. I do indeed challenge anyone to tell me what can not have what they really want if they tried!

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Let’s decare families

I am often quite concerned at how widely the term carer is used and the potential legal implications when the new Care and Support bill laws and carers will have ‘equal’ rights to service users. One of my main concerns is that over the last 10 years we have seen families involving disabled or older people being unhealthily redefined as service users and carers.

This mean the notion of interdependency which is the cornerstone of family cohesion to destroyed and replace with  the notion that carers have the power over service users who are naturally dependent and inferior. These roles are often not desired but dictated by social policy and the charities, who love to break anything that is not broken.

Rather than simply accepting this new ideology of carers which is medical model based as the norm, I believe families must be supported to be families and to understand and celebrate the interdependent that exists. The family should be given the support like training, equipment and making changes to what they do things which reduces the ‘care’ element where outside care workers may not be needed.

It is also about ensuring people are not trapped by the labels imposed on them which can make them act accordingly and they are created as individuals and members of the family who are able to make a contribution in whatever way they can.

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Time to create jobs

We must start creating a new era of real jobs. I do not mean the pretend jobs creating by the government throwing money at companies to babysit people until the subsidy runs out, but real new jobs by investing in new markets and industries.

The government and others must predict, develop and even create the markets and industries of the near future based on how they wish to see society, something this government does not wish to explain. It is all very well to boost the voluntary sector as a supposedly cheap solution but while charities provide handsome salaries to the middle class, they expect others to work for free and people can not live on thin air.

The future may see a raise in the leisure industries as sport and arts is used to solve the country’s mental health issues as well as reforming town centres and creating new jobs. We are see the raise of soft technology with apps and add-ons. It is hard for me alone to predict but I am trying.

The money is there to create jobs if the government stopped wasting it but it needs to be braver and more radical than it has currently been willing to be.

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The fake disabled club

With all the nonsense lies and myths being regarded as the absolute truth by many people claiming to be disabled, I would like to sarcastically pondered whether there is a network of fake disabled clubs they go to in order to learn the propaganda which keeps them obsessed in the realms of victimhood.

The reality is probably not but there certainly are a whole range of blogs controlled by self appointed leaders which do act as forums for their compulsive obsessive behaviour. This form of extremism on any issue is nothing new by what is concerning is how their mantra is accepted and endorse by middle class liberals without any desire to seek evidence or facts. The middle class are actually rubbing their hands with glee because the fake disabled are proving the economic burden argument without realising it, taking the eugenics lobby a step further to victory.

I welcome a time when people stop believing the myths of the fake disabled club and start thinking for themselves!

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The discriminating activists

I always find it interested how people do call themselves disability activists, a time which has become more popular in the last few years, actually understand very little about disability and have quite worrying views once you scratch the surface. 

As a disability activist, as well as a consultant, for over 20 years I understand disability is complex in so many ways right down to defining what disability means. I try to paint pictures of what I see within a fragmented group of people society labels disabled. But I find other activists simply boiled the issues down to what is important to them, assuming everyone who is demand thinks like them and faces the same problems as them.

The issue of ATOS and welfare reforms is affecting a minority of disabled people by anyone’s calculations. Yet activists as made it the focus of the totality of disability politics as they are prepared to ignore the needs, wishes and wants of so many disabled people who do not fit into their way of society.

With their medical model focus on being unfit for work as the definition of disability, they are destroying the social model by their own prejudices towards other disabled people. I am sure many of these new activists would pity my situation when I do not want or need pity.

We must avoid the voice of disabled people being destroyed and narrowed to simply the voice of disgruntled benefit claimants.

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The difference between care and support

Within social care many people including those in government talk about care and support like they are the same thing when I feel they are slightly different and relate well to my understanding of wellbeing and inclusion.

In the context, I see care as maintaining wellbeing and ensuring people do not go backwards in terms of personal care so the basic care we need to survive. It is I feel a unconditional right although it is only half the story and alone it risks people simply warehoused.

I see support as the additional assistance people needs to meet their outcomes in terms of being included as a contributing member of society. I feel it is right for support to be conditional on a willingness to make a meaningful contribution in whatever possible as a new contract between the state and the individual.

I believe while people may always keep their care in these difficulties, it is going to be a failure to understand support, seeing it as a luxury, which is going to see people, including myself, facing cuts that could make life harder.

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A wellness and inclusion agenda

I would argue that Wellness and Inclusion can be the two themes which social policy needs to focus on to achieved a positive future for disabled people and everything. For me, wellness is about supporting people not to go backwards to their journeys of life while inclusion is about supporting people to move forward.

In the context I have produced a manifesto of what I feel the government should do to improve life for disabled people and others which can shown here. Covering 15 topics with 75 recommendations, the manifesto contains a wide range of real suggestions which takes into account the economic climate.

I would welcome feedback on what you think as I slowly try to get this endorsed by a number of organisations.

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The Voice of Individuals

Regular readers may have realised I am not a fan of collective movements and the supposed power of ‘we’. My experience and indeed bitter experience has made me realised no one individual can represent a whole group of individuals and they are foolish to do so.

As a consultant and activist, I report what I see including the diversity of opinion which may exist on an issue. I have what I believe to be the best interest of disabled people in mind but from my perspective and without claiming to represent the body of disabled people.

I therefore get offended when others try to impose their beliefs as the beliefs of all disabled people because it suits their agenda. How many people, and disabled people, really care about ATOS or hate crime outside the small political force which dominates the current politics of disability?

People can have a opinion on anything but the minute they claim to have the mandate to represent me as a disabled people especially the new movement who keep their identity secret while writing on behalf of ‘the people’, they have overstepped the mark and I for one refuse to have my voice stolen in this way.

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