A hostile sick and disabled movement?

One of my greatest frustrations at the moment is how hostile the so-called sick and disabled movement is and the impact that has on how I am portrayed by society as a real disabled person. The whole issue of disability has been boiled down to a stand off on the welfare reforms and the wild accusations this movement is making about its impact.

They not only portray disabled people as victims who are unfit and unworthy of exclusion but they talk about the government and ATOS with such hostility, there is zero room and interest in any proper debate in the matter and they use emotional blackmail and a misguided idea of divine rights to beat the heads on anyone who challenges their hostile stance.

It has reached a point when I fear user led charities are now scared to support real disabled people by working with the government and companies like ATOS because of a possibility they would be viciously attacked by a movement obsessed in its desire to control the voice of disabled people.

If I am the only person willing to stand up to these bullies as they rip up any hope real disabled people had of full inclusion, then so be it and here I am. I can not be rational to them until they are rational to me!

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