Should I get more involved with user led charities?

It is clear I want to become a big player in the development of disability policy in the UK in the near future. I am already well known and I have many contacts but a question to ask myself is whether or not I need to get involved with user led charities to make that people.

For those who have not already guessed I do not have a high opinion on user led charities. I feel they have become a part of the problem and not the solution as they change their remit to suit their funders not to meet the real needs of disabled people. I feel they have grown dependent on the dependency of disabled people.

So it is wise for me to ignore them and aim to have a direct relationship with government and try to get involved with them and work with them to develop into creditable organisations of the future. I think their reaction to my soon to be released Wellbeing and Inclusion Manifesto is going to tell me the answers I need to know.

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