My vision for Disability

You must know by now I am optimised and so of course I have a bright vision for the future of disabled people. Unlike many other ‘activists’ who wallow in doom and gloom, I believe disabled people are on the way to full inclusion if only they saw the opportunities around them.

The journey ahead is not easy but it is rewarding as disabled people are more accepted as equal members of society. These means the notion of disability could disappear as we see and celebrate people as individuals with impairments. We have more accessible environments, we have the technology and now we need to finish working on behaviours and attitudes.

I see the sick movement as a blimp since it is simply an one-issue reaction to change which will quickly be forgotten but it is accepted those who can work should work. It however does not make their attack on the inclusion of real disabled people excusable and must be challenged.

But long term, it will be shows like “I’m Spazticus” which will help bring the vision for disabled people into reality and I will be there to see it for myself.

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