What does ‘being too ill’ look like?

Time after time I am hearing people on sickness benefits say it is okay for disabled people because they just has functional problems and we are too ill to work. But what does that actually mean?

I define work in the widest sense and as a basic, if you are able to use the internet then you are most likely to be able to work in some way. We are not talking 9 to 5 down a mine but to be able to contribute to the fabric of society.

But what does too ill mean? If you are in hospital or suffering from acute illness then I can understand you can be indeed too ill to work. But with chronic illness, to which I indeed have as well as cerebral palsy, we are talking about a level of manageability where the possibility of work is likely.

Many of the sick activists who claim they are too ill to work are appearing to actually demonstrate they can work by they own campaigning activists and I sure many of them will find jobs in user led charities as they come to terms with their own situations.

So I am left wondering what ‘too ill’ looks like and whether in reality it is about attitude rather than anything else.

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