Has Inclusion been put on hold?

I believe inclusion in the widest sense is my goal as an disability activist. For me, it is about removing the barriers of disability so people are impairments can as equal life opportunities and experiences as anyone else. It is not a right but a responsibility of everyone.

The fact is I fear the user led charities, the wider disability charities and the old and new disability movements have either forgotten this or chosen not ignore inclusion because it does not suit their survival. True inclusion would mean a total mainstreaming of services other than those which are impairment specific and therefore would mean there is be no reason for them to exist in their current form.

This is supported by a refusal by many disabled people to take responsibility to achieve the inclusion already within their grasp, preferring not to move from the exclusion they have been so comfortable with. I therefore fear the wider inclusion agenda is on hold as new reasons not to feel included have been created, like hate crime.

I feel full inclusion is still achievable and will be achieved when real disabled people are ready to reclaim their issues from those who seek to abuse them.

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