The refusal to take responsibility

I believe it is so important to understand that rights are meaningless without responsibilities and what gives us our true freedom is to take responsibilities for our own actions as individuals.

It could be argued that collectives are a mechanism for some to demand rights without a willingness to take responsibility for one’s actions as individuals hide themselves in the bigger picture. But I have learnt, probably the hard way, that the only person really looking after me is me and therefore if I want something I must get it myself.

Some chronically sick people talk about illness like it is a state of being when they no longer have to take responsibility because they are too ill but for so many people, they have to continue their carer and other responsibilities whether they are ill or not. As someone who employs personal assistants, I need to continue to manage them and worry about them even if I am ill or in hospital, such as ensuring they are paid.

I have little time for those who claim to be ill but have time to claim they can not take responsibility yet complain all day how bad life is for them. If people took more responsibility for their actions, we would all be better off.

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