The Voice of Individuals

Regular readers may have realised I am not a fan of collective movements and the supposed power of ‘we’. My experience and indeed bitter experience has made me realised no one individual can represent a whole group of individuals and they are foolish to do so.

As a consultant and activist, I report what I see including the diversity of opinion which may exist on an issue. I have what I believe to be the best interest of disabled people in mind but from my perspective and without claiming to represent the body of disabled people.

I therefore get offended when others try to impose their beliefs as the beliefs of all disabled people because it suits their agenda. How many people, and disabled people, really care about ATOS or hate crime outside the small political force which dominates the current politics of disability?

People can have a opinion on anything but the minute they claim to have the mandate to represent me as a disabled people especially the new movement who keep their identity secret while writing on behalf of ‘the people’, they have overstepped the mark and I for one refuse to have my voice stolen in this way.

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