The difference between care and support

Within social care many people including those in government talk about care and support like they are the same thing when I feel they are slightly different and relate well to my understanding of wellbeing and inclusion.

In the context, I see care as maintaining wellbeing and ensuring people do not go backwards in terms of personal care so the basic care we need to survive. It is I feel a unconditional right although it is only half the story and alone it risks people simply warehoused.

I see support as the additional assistance people needs to meet their outcomes in terms of being included as a contributing member of society. I feel it is right for support to be conditional on a willingness to make a meaningful contribution in whatever possible as a new contract between the state and the individual.

I believe while people may always keep their care in these difficulties, it is going to be a failure to understand support, seeing it as a luxury, which is going to see people, including myself, facing cuts that could make life harder.

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