The fake disabled club

With all the nonsense lies and myths being regarded as the absolute truth by many people claiming to be disabled, I would like to sarcastically pondered whether there is a network of fake disabled clubs they go to in order to learn the propaganda which keeps them obsessed in the realms of victimhood.

The reality is probably not but there certainly are a whole range of blogs controlled by self appointed leaders which do act as forums for their compulsive obsessive behaviour. This form of extremism on any issue is nothing new by what is concerning is how their mantra is accepted and endorse by middle class liberals without any desire to seek evidence or facts. The middle class are actually rubbing their hands with glee because the fake disabled are proving the economic burden argument without realising it, taking the eugenics lobby a step further to victory.

I welcome a time when people stop believing the myths of the fake disabled club and start thinking for themselves!

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